Article Title

Lucy in the Sky


Emma Patton


A journal is the friend you can tell all your secrets to. No matter what you do, it will never judge you. The narrator starts writing in her journal on her sixteenth birthday. She has a loving family, but she struggles to make close friends. When she goes to her first real party and tries her first sip of alcohol, her life starts to change. Suddenly, she has close friends that adore her and older boys that desire her. Her friends help her to see drugs and partying through a completely different lens. Since it’s just a way to get closer to her friends and be her true self, how could it possibly be bad? She continues to make small decisions that she’s always heard were dangerous, but it feels like she’s becoming who she was always meant to become, so she keeps it all hidden from her parents. But, when she gets tired of the life she’s living and tries to quit her destructive habits, she discovers that she can’t do it all on her own.