Article Title

Moon at Nine


Emma Patton


Farrin wants to write stories. In stories, you can write your secrets. In stories, you can escape. Farrin is a wealthy, privileged, and smart Iranian girl, but her life is profoundly dissatisfying. Her parents still support the Shah, who was just overthrown, and if the Revolutionary Guard found out, they would all be punished. Her mother is so busy with her political meetings that she has little time to spend on Farrin, so Farrin spends her time writing and trying to keep a low profile. But then, a new student named Sadira comes to her school. Sadira is not afraid to be seen, and she and Farrin immediately become friends. But, as they spend more time together, their friendship develops into something more meaningful and more dangerous. Sadira and Farrin fall in love. When other people find out about their budding romance, they caution the girls to keep it hidden. But Farrin can’t stop thinking about Sadira. Even though they make each other happy, there are high prices to pay for breaking the status quo.