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Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant #1: The Thief's Apprentice


Becky Jamieson


Young Master Oliver Diplexito is bored with his life, where nothing more exciting than school ever takes place. However, that all changes when Oliver learns that his father’s butler is a famous thief known as Ruminating Claw. The Claw, or Mr. Scant as he is normally called, goes around “stealing” and then returning valuables to highly protected places, such as national museums. Oliver discovers that Mr. Scant only steals from the original thieves to return the stolen property, and so he happily becomes his apprentice. They manage to rescue Mr. Scant’s brother from the evil secret society that had been doing all the actual stealing. They then capture the leaders of that society. They all rejoice in their victory, but they also know that the danger in their lives is far from over with a looming threat coming from a band of Chinese criminals.