Article Title

Doll Bones


Emily Loveless


Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been playing one continuous game of pretend for almost as long as they’ve been friends. But when Zach’s dad says it’s time for Zach to grow up, Zach simply refuses to play with the girls anymore. With their friendship on the brink of crumbling, Poppy claims that she’s been dreaming of the Queen—a bone china doll who ruled over all their games—and the ghost of a girl who has tasked them with burying the doll in her empty grave. There’s just enough creepy evidence to suggest that Poppy isn’t making it all up, so the three set off on an adventure that quickly becomes an epic, and dangerous quest involving ghost-sightings, a stolen sailboat, and breaking into a library. Finally, the friends are able to lay the bone china doll and its ghost to rest.