Article Title

The Big, Angry Roar


Carly Atchley


Zebras stamp and stomp when they’re angry. Hippos splatter and splash, and elephants trumpet. But what can a lion cub do when he’s so angry he feels he could burst? Cub gets in trouble when he fights with his sister and, looking to blow off steam, talks to different animals to try and discover what will make him feel better. Stomping just hurts his feet, and splashing makes him wet and smelly. He’s so mad at this point that he lets out a huge, angry ROAR—and causes a stampede. Cub is embarrassed and worried about the mess he’s caused, but finally Baboon shows him that everyone gets angry, and he just needs to learn how to let the anger out. Cub takes deep breaths, makes silly faces, and apologizes to his family, finally feeling like himself again.