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Wing & Claw #2: Cavern of Secrets


Lindsey Smith


For Raffa, hunted by guards and far from home, things go from bad to worse. Raffa, his recently deafened cousin, Garith, and his friend, Kuma, are on the run from the Chancellor and her guards, and are in hiding in the mountains. When Raffa finds a plant that he has never before seen, he begins to experiment with it until he finds that it could potentially be an antidote for the toxin that the Chancellor is using to control animals back in her compound. When he finds out that the Chancellor is actually targeting some of her own people, Raffa knows he must return to the city and try to stop her plans by setting the animals free. Rather than succeeding, however, Raffa finds himself imprisoned in the Garrison with no way of getting out, and the reader is left in anxious anticipation for the next book in the series.