Article Title

Just a Normal Tuesday


Emily Loveless


It’s a normal Tuesday until sixteen-year-old Kai finds a letter from her sister in the mail; a suicide note with apologies but no explanation. Kai helps with funeral arrangements in a haze of shock, guilt, and anger. She’s desperate for answers that no one has, angry at her parents for seeming to just move on, and angry at Jen for abandoning her and all of their plans. Grief quickly falls into a downward, self-medicating spiral that comes to a screeching halt when Kai’s parents announce that they’re sending her to the Tree House, a summer camp for grieving kids. Kai is not a camper, and the furthest thing from happy to be dumped with a bunch of strangers. But as everyone begins to open up, she learns that there is relief in sharing each other’s pain. By the time the month is up, Kai is actually happy to see her parents, and leaves camp with hope, new friends, and something more.