Article Title

Ryan Quinn and the Lion's Claw


Tessa McMillan


Relocated civilians helped by the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC) are being hunted and killed. Ryan’s friends, Danny and Kasey, want to help, but Ryan’s parents don’t want them involved in another ERC incident. However, Danny blindly races into an unplanned rescue attempt for two death-sentenced, African musicians. Ryan has no choice but to follow Danny so he can keep him safe from the mercenaries who kidnapped the musicians. Once in Africa, Ryan and Danny use their individual skills to free the musicians, but Ryan is captured. Danny gets word to Ryan’s dad, and Ryan’s father flies to Africa to save the boys. Meanwhile, Ryan’s mom and Kasey piece together who sold out the civilians previously saved by the ERC. Misguided ERC agent, Tasha, drugged Ryan’s father to get the civilians names and sold them to a crime lord. Tasha realizes her mistake and works with Ryan’s mother and Kasey to stop the crime boss. In Africa, Ryan’s father implements a rescue mission to get Ryan and Danny out of the country while taking down the mercenaries who wanted the musicians dead.