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Power Down, Little Robot


Rebecca Lambert


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Anna Staniszewski, Tim Zeltner, Robots, Bedtime, Fiction

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Book Review


Little Robot isn't terribly excited about going to bed, so he opens his stalling program. He asks Mom Unit for a drink of oil, begs to stay up late, and brushes his cogs as slowly as possible. Then he asks Mom Unit to read him a manual and tell him how he was manufactured. Mom Unit saves him from his error message nightmares and the rusty monster in his closet. He continues to try and stall by telling Mom Unit about hummingbird wings. Little Robot even tries to sneak down the stairs, but Mom Unit catches him and sends him back to his sleeping module. Eventually, after many tries and fails, Mom Unit successfully gets Little Robot to power down and go to sleep.