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Mary Poppins Returns


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Kathy McCullough, Novelization, Classic, London, Childhood, Imagination

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Book Review


Nonsensicle! Impossible! Unless, of course, Mary Poppins is involved! Michael and Jane Banks are all grown up in Mary Poppins Returns and are facing new challenges. Earlier in the year, Michael's wife passed away and now their house is going to be repossessed by the bank if they can't find their bank shares certificate. Along comes Mary Poppins to care for Michael's children, Annabelle, John, and Georgie. A bathtub turns into a deep-sea adventure and a broken China bowl leads to a music hall. While helping the children remember their creativity and imaginations, Mary is also able to remind Michael what is most important in his life in a few small events that help save their house and bring the family closer together again.