Article Title

Saint Death


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Young Adult, Marcus Sedgwick, Mexico, Luck, Drugs, Family, Poverty

Document Type

Book Review


Arturo is in trouble. His best friend, Faustino, owes money to el Carnero, the most powerful drug lord for miles, but Faustino is just as broke as Arturo is. After all, they live in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in a poverty-stricken city. All anyone can do is survive. But Arturo is skilled at playing calavera—a card game that is all about wagers and a little bit of luck. So, he agrees to play calavera for Faustino’s life. That agreement sets off a chain of events, and Arturo ultimately finds himself confronting the pain from his past and the desperation of his present. He hopes that Saint Death will help him to save his friend’s life and get a fresh start, but instead she makes a fool out of him like she has with so many others.