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The Scar Boys


Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Len Vlahos, Music, Friendship, High school, Scars, Travel

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Book Review


Harry Jones is a freak. As a result of an unfortunate bullying incident from childhood, Harry is severely burned and disfigured, which makes it difficult to find friends or practice self-acceptance. But then, in eighth grade, he meets Johnny. Johnny defends Harry from bullies, accepts Harry’s scars, and acts as Harry’s voice when he feels like he doesn’t have one. So, when Johnny suggests that they start a band, Harry is ecstatic. As their friendship develops through high school along with their musical abilities, the potential success of the band keeps Harry motivated and hopeful. But soon, Harry and Johnny are at the end of high school and must grapple with the reality that sometimes, good things can’t last forever. Facing the possible end of the band causes Harry to realize that Johnny might not be that great of a friend after all. But when he thinks of a future without Johnny and without being a guitarist for the Scar Boys, he wonders whether there will still be anything worthwhile about him after it’s all gone.