Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Young Adult, Erin Beaty, Adventure, Spy, Danger, Political Unrest, Romance

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Book Review


Sage is surprised that her uncle has been to the match maker to arrange a marriage interview for her. She suspected he was arranging an apprenticeship, which is what she wanted. Sage tries for her Aunt and Uncle's sake to behave but doesn't quite succeed. The matchmaker offers her an apprenticeship instead. Sage's observation skills and people skills quickly make her invaluable. The qualified brides are given a military excort to the Concordium and Sage is brought along to assist the matchmaker. She soon begins to fall for the military spy, Ash. No one in this marriage mishmash is who they seem and nothing is as it seems as a plot to dethrone the crown unfolds from an unexpected source. Sage and Ash open up to each other, find love together and save a prince, the brides, and the entire kingdom with courage, intelligence, and personal sacrifice.