Excellent, Intermediate, Dan Gemeinnhart, Celia Krampien, Family, Adventure, Self-Discovery, Friendship

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Book Review


Five years ago, Coyote and her father Rodeo hit the road in an old school bus and never looked back. Until now, Coyote has loved this wild adventure. But one day, Coyote finds out that the old park in her hometown is being torn up and replaced with road. It was in that park five years and ten days ago that she, her mom, and her two sisters buried a box of memories, ten days before Coyote's mom ad sisters were killed in a car accident. Coyote has to somehow convince Rodeo to drive all the way back to Washington, a place he swore he'd never return to, without him realizing what she's doing. Along the way, they pick up passengers that need a ride just as much as Coyote does and find in them the friends they didn't know they were missing. A cat, a runaway bus, lots of gas station snacks, a friendly goat, and a few cop chases later, Coyote is reunited not only with the memory box, but also her dad, her home, her sense of belonging, and her family.