Gabrielle Borg


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Keith O'Brien, Aviation, Aeronautics, Women Pilots

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Book Review


This book follows the stories of five women and the impact they had on aviation. The aviation industry was considered just for men, and it was dangerous. These women went against all odds and came out on top. Louise McPhetridge Thaden began selling coal in Wichita and went on to set many aviation records. Ruth Nichols started as the daughter of a wealthy New Yorker and set records of her own. Ruth Elder was the first to attempt to cross the Atlantic in an airplane. Florence Klingensmith soon became the woman to beat in the sky. Amelia Earhart would come to be the only one of these five still discussed today. Klingensmith and Earhart both sacrificed their lives to make history. Nichols and Elder continued to fly and tell their stories. Thaden lived out her days as a mother and died peacefully out of the spotlight, just ten years after her husband. These women defied the odds and made history.