Carly Atchley


Excellent, Preschool, Brenda S. Miles, PhD, Steve Mack, Goals, Plans, Perseverance, Grit, Attitude, Self-Regulation

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Book Review


Stickley is a frog, and because he’s a frog he has special sticky toes that help him get around. But this unique “stick-to-it-ness” isn’t limited to his feet; Stickley also has an attitude that helps him stick with things, like projects and goals. The book follows Stickley as he works on his project for the science fair, builds a tower, and even writes a speech for his school. Even though there are sometimes barriers and challenges for Stickley in pursuing his goals, he always sticks with it and succeeds. In the end he even teaches his class how to make a plan and stick to it.