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Mostly the Honest Truth


Excellent, Primary, Jody J. Little, Community, Friendship, Family, Foster Care

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Book Review


Jane Pengilly is being sent to a weird town out in the boonies for twelve days—the time needed for her Pop to get better from his sickness that comes after he's been drinking a lot. If the weirdness of the town Three Boulders wasn't enough, Jane has a hurt hand from the last night she saw Pop that doesn't seem to want to get better. A couple days, a few new friends, some outstanding home-cooked breakfasts, and a lot of mischief later, Jane finds herself in trouble but feeling more at home than she she ever has in any of her other foster homes. As she sorts through her confusion about missing Pop but wanting to remain with her new friends, Jane figures out the real meaning of the names of the boulders that stand outside the town: Forgiveness, Redemption, and Community. Jane's heart and hand both heal as she finds family in both Three Boulders and with her Pop.