Article Title

Nikolai Duology #1: King of Scars


Taylor Nelson


In the aftermath of the Ravkan civil war, King Nikolai Lantsov must find a way to unite Ravka, establish his place and authority on the throne, and keep the kingdom from falling back into bloodshed and disrepair. But the war has left a lasting mark on Nikolai—the monster curled inside his heart. Meanwhile, Nina Zenik has been sent on a reconnaissance mission to Fjerda to locate and help Grisha living in secret to escape the country. If she has any hope of helping her fellow Grisha and defeating Fjerdan prejudices, Nina must learn to face her pain and let go of her grief. And with the help of fearless Grisha commander Zoya Nazyalensky, Nikolai must confront the demon inside of himself and come to terms with the man he was before the war, the man he will never be again.