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Lulu #3: Lulu's Mysterious Mission


Karen Abbott


Lulu is her usual bratty self in this series sequel. In this scenario her ever doting parents are leaving her at home to take their first independent vacation since she was born. It is long overdue. In their absence, they have hired a babysitter. A concept that Lulu finds only slightly less infuriating than being left out in the first place. She throws her usual tantrums and tries her best to lay the guilt on thick. Miraculously, her parents leave her anyway. The babysitter, Sonia Sophia Solinsky out maneuvers her chagrined charge with wily ease. All out war ensues, but miracle of miracles, Sonia holds her own, until they arrive at an impasse. Sonia suddenly reveals that she is really a secret agent with a code name. This wins Lulu over at last and they arrive at a compromise contingent on Lulu's absolute, willing obedience as Sonia trains in the arts of international intrigue. All is well by the time Lulu's repentant parents return home, but Lulu has decided that they should be gone more often, a lot more often.