Article Title

The Emperor's Soul


Phyllis Rosen


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Brandon Sanderson, Fantasy, Forger, Emperor, Magic, Escape

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Book Review


Shai is a forger; she creates beautiful copies of artwork of various kinds. She is caught trying to place a forgery is placed in prison. However, her captors want something from Shai, something that will prevent them from killing her, at least temporarily. The Emperor is unconscious, and Shai is charged with the task of forging a new soul for him that will restore him to his place on the throne. She is held captive while working on the forgery and must devise a way to escape with her life even as she works night and day on the impossible task. Only one man, Gaotona, is a possible ally, and even he is not to be trusted. Shai must rely on her wits and her talents to find a solution.