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American Road Trip


Taylor Nelson


Excellent, Young Adult, Patrick Flores-Scott, Coming of age, Conduct of life, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Brothers, Mexican-American

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Book Review


When Teodoro “T” Avila’s brother, Manny, comes home from Iraq, T is sure everything will go back to the way it was. But Manny is suffering from severe PTSD, and things only seem to deteriorate as time goes on. In a desperate effort to pull their family together, T’s sister, Xochitl, tricks her brothers into a road trip. They travel from their home in Seattle all the way to New Mexico, where they will stay with their uncle and attempt to help Manny find treatment. During this time, T must deal with studying to become a first-generation college student, exploring a new love interest, and learning to navigate his brother’s condition. Told through T’s candid and unique voice, this novel is a fantastic look at family relationships, mental illness, socioeconomic status, and young love.