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Take What You Can Carry


Emily Loveless


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Kevin C. Pyle, Kevin C. Pyle, graphic novel, historical fiction, teen, children moving, adolescence, WWII

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Book Review


It’s 1977 and Kyle has just moved to suburban Chicago. He quickly makes friends in a neighborhood where the most interesting things to do involve property destruction, harassing construction workers, and shoplifting. It’s a thrilling adrenaline rush in an otherwise boring place—until Kyle and another friend get caught by a store owner and find themselves in jail. The store owner doesn’t press charges in exchange for having Kyle do odd jobs around the store, but it’s obvious that Mr. Himitsu doesn’t want him there. Time allows for reflection, and Kyle soon learns that they have more in common than he’d have ever guessed. Told concurrently is the story of the Himitsu family, who are forced to relocate to a Japanese-American internment camp during WWII. With their lives thrown into chaos and uncertainty, the teenage son fights to find purpose and meaning in his new circumstances.