Karen Abbott


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Jory John, Benji Davies, Snow, Friendship, Getting Sick, Neighbors

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Book Review


The first snow has fallen over night and Duck is SO excited! He rushes to his friend and neighbor's house, Bear, to get him to come and play in the white world outside. Bear, however, is in the tub and couldn't be less interested in going out into the cold. Duck drags him outside still in his towel and shower cap. Duck gives Bear several ideas of games they can play in the snow, all of which bear rejects and duck plays by himself anyway. When they return indoors, Bear starts to sneeze. Duck wants to be of service and is over-the-top oversolicitous of his now exhausted friend. Duck eventually returns to his own home and discovers that he is also sick. He wants his friend Bear to come take care of him. Poor Bear heads nextdoor hoping to some day move.