Rebecca Lambert


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Mystery, Teen, School, Fiction, Spy

Document Type

Book Review


Eleven-year-old Emma Alabama Lane Cake has had it. She, along with her family of bakers, move from town to town, improving each place as they go. Unfortunately, as soon as Emma starts to feel at home, it’s time to move again. While Emma likes to help her family with their business, she can’t stand the thought of moving yet again. They arrive in a new town, and Emma decides that she can’t make any more friends. Her heart will not handle making connections that will eventually break. Somehow, she must make her parents understand her need to belong somewhere. A new friend works into her life, and they scheme together to find a way to convince the Cake parents to stay. Emma and her father feel drawn to their new town, and soon realize that they have long-lost friends among the residents and a perfect, special house to call their own.