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Karen Abbott


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Dragon, Baby, Fire, Control, Self-control, Birthday, Candles, Success

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Book Review


Farmer Otis, his wife, Abby, and their two children, Willie and Belle, own chickens and a rooster. They love their animals and they even have names for each of their chickens. Willie and Belle read to the chickens when they are let out of the pen. One day, Willie and Belle find a note written in the dirt written by one of the chickens. The next day, there is another message. The chickens keep writing messages in the dirt, telling the farmer and his family things that they want, like, or dislike. They even leave a message for the mailman. The mailman doesn’t believe them, so the farmer invites him to spend the night in a tent. The chickens leave him a message in the morning. The mailman is so impressed that he lets the whole town know. Everyone starts to come to get eggs from the chickens.