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Kiss Kill Vanish


Giselle Davis


Excellent, Young Adult, Contemporary, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Young Adult, Runaway

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Book Review


Eliot lives for and longs for adventure. His grandfather, El Capitan, returns home from a sailing trip, and Eliot feels that his time has finally come. Together they can seek out excitement. After all, El Capitan has piloted a boat through jungles, and across the deep sea. As they walk through the city, Grandfather helps Eliot to imagine that they are hunting for dragons and finding giants. What Eliot wants most, however, is to take a trip with his grandfather on his boat. Unfortunately, the boat is old and broken. Sadly, Grandfather explains that his adventures are finally over. Eliot, with a twinkle in his eye, shows his grandfather that the boat has many stories left to tell. Working together, they realize that adventure and magic can be found everyday as they spend time together.