Gabrielle Borg


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Curious George, Adventures, Monkey, Compilation, Lessons, Short Stories, Animals

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Book Review


Ill-mannered Lulu wants a brontosaurus for a pet. It is her birthday and she always gets what she wants! After her parents say no, Lulu sets off into the forest alone, hoping to find a brontosaurus herself. She sings a ridiculous and loud song as she skips through the woods. Her singing attracts a big bear, a hungry tiger, and a seething snake. Lulu puts each of these predators in their place with a shout, a wallup, or a bang! She then settles comfortably into her sleeping bag for a night of pleasant dreams. In the morning, the foot of a brontosaur (Mr. B) awakens her. She is overjoyed and tries to drag him home. He agrees that pets are very wonderful things and decides to keep Lulu for his pet. Mr. B has his way until Lulu starts to use a word which has never slipped from her lips before: “please.” Lulu invites Mr. B home for birthday cake.