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Harold Snipperpot's Best Disaster Ever


Karen Abbott


Snail’s Wings is the first short story in the book. Snail thinks he grew a wing and is excited to show Worm. Worm, however, is not excited because he thinks Snail is going to fly away. Snail’s wing eventually flies away without Snail, but he’s not sad because he gets to stay with Worm. The Mirror is the second short story in the book. Snail thinks he’s found a mirror because it has such a handsome face on it. When worm comes over they start going through the characteristics on the mirror, which is actually a penny. They determine that it is a mirror for Worm because he is so handsome like the mirror. Sad is the third short story in the book. In this story, Snail feels sad about his shell, and he wants it to be shiny, orange, and have stripes. Worm helps him see that his shell is all of those things. Once Snail realizes those things, he is happy.