Audrey Lowther


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Superhero, Mystery, Superpower, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


After Kepler Academy (a special school for super-powered kids) was terrorized by Abigail Cutter and her army of plant zombies last year, Ben Braver is worried about returning to school. After all, her partner was never caught! Besides his anxiety about Cutter and her mysterious partner, Ben is nervous that his classmates will somehow find out his secret—that he has no superpower. Luckily, his friends Noah, Penny, and Jordan all have his back. Ben and his friends compete in Power Battles, help Professor Duncan in his lab, and try to uncover the mystery of student fifteen. As Ben’s popularity (and his ego) grow, he finds himself distanced from his friends and the other students who once looked up to him, but in a time of crisis, the students of Kepler Academy pull together to defeat an unexpected enemy.