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Backfield Boys


Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Football, High School, Racism, Sports

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Book Review


Best friends Jason and Tom have full-ride scholarships to a prestigious school for their outstanding football talent. Jason is a lightning-fast wide receiver and Tom is a quick-thinking quarterback with amazing aim, so they are shocked at practice when Jason is named a quarterback and Tom a wide receiver. They are even more shocked as Jason gets playing time and Tom never touches the field. Then, their suspicion is raised when they realize dorm rooms are segregated by color. Secretly, they contact sports journalists who inform them their school has never had a black quarterback. Tom is black. The reporters have been sure for a while that the boys’ new school has not only a racist head coach, but a racist founder. However, nothing can be done about this without sound proof of injustice. Desperate to make wrongs right, the boys continue attending their frustratingly prejudiced new school until they have enough to evidence to do so.