Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Young Adult, Witchcraft, Coming-of-Age, Friendship, Responsibility, Family Matters

Document Type

Book Review


Safi has chosen to go quietly with the Empress of Marstok, hoping that this will keep others safe. But when the Empress’ ship is attacked and the two barely escape with their lives, Safi and the Empress must really team together to survive. Iseult, having been separated from her thread-sister, decides to pursue her and rejoin her side no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, a bounty is placed on her head, and she too is hunted by a bloodwitch, pirates, and others. In order to survive, she strikes a deal with the bloodwitch, still desperate to find Safi, and the two face her hunters together. Back in Nubrevna, Prince Merik is announced dead when his ship explodes in seafire. Though he actually escaped, he lets everyone think him dead and starts a new life.