Article Title

Words in Deep Blue


Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Grief, Romance, Books, Love Letters

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Book Review


Rachel’s life is crumbling. She flunked out of year twelve, her mom is a mess, and it’s all because her little brother unexpectedly drowned, even though he was a great swimmer. Being in the same town where the tragedy happened is too much, so she goes back to the town where she grew up, hoping she can remember who she used to be. The only problem is that Henry is there, too. He was her best friend, but when she wrote him a love note and he never responded, they fell out of touch. Now that she’s no longer in love with him, they could be friends, and she does miss having him in her life. But when her aunt tells her that she got her a job at the local bookstore, which Henry’s family owns, Rachel knows that things are about to get pretty awkward. As she grapples with her grief, it doesn't seem like she has room for any other emotions anymore, but emotions come whether you want them to or not.