Article Title

Will Giraffe Laugh?


Krista Alletto


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Friendship, Feelings, Laughter, Grumpy

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Book Review


Giraffe is having a bad day. He does not feel like laughing, even when his friends try to cheer him up. They come by one by one, each with a new idea to get Giraffe laughing. One friend juggles, another puts on a puppet show, and another makes Giraffe a balloon animal. Despite these efforts, Giraffe still refuses to laugh. Giraffe’s grumpy mood begins to cause his friends to feel discouraged and sad themselves. When Giraffe realizes that he has hurt his friends, roles reverse, and Giraffe begins to cheer up his friends. By the end of the story, everyone is laughing together and feeling better.