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Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Intermediate, Shakespeare, New School, Middle School, Popularity

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Book Review


Cooper Vega is sure that no one at his new school will ever learn his name. So he’s surprised when the beautiful Jolie introduces herself and asks him his name. Unfortunately, she's way out of his league. She's caught the eye of the soccer star, Brock, and they're cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school play. Every year the seventh graders perform one of Shakespeare's works, funded by a millionaire who’s obsessed with Shakespeare. When Cooper takes a picture of the man's private museum, his phone starts glitching. Then a person appears on his screen. It's not an image. It's not a video. His name is Roderick and according to him, he's been dead since 1596. Cooper can't get the ghost to leave his phone, so he starts introducing Roderick to 21st century life. The two become unlikely friends, and as Cooper takes him to play practice, he learns that Roderick's past is tangled with Shakespeare’s. The kids at school may never learn Cooper’s name, but Cooper decides it’s time they know Roderick’s.