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Krista Alletto


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, School, Friends, Family, Name

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Book Review


Weir Do (yep, that’s his name) is the new kid in school and all he wants to do is fit in, but with a name that gets everyone laughing and a family that is a little out of the ordinary, fitting in is hard. It’s also tough to get the special attention of Bella Allen, the seventh-prettiest girl in Weir’s class and the apple of his eye. Things are looking up when Bella Allen starts passing out birthday invitations to everyone in the class. The only problem is that she doesn't give one to Weir. While in mourning, Weir learns that Bella’s mom has arranged for Bella to go to his house after school. Despite his nervousness and his family’s crazy antics, the two become better friends and Weir gets a special surprise from Bella that sets his world right again.