Article Title

The Riverman


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Imagination, Secret, Friendship, Evil

Document Type

Book Review


Fiona and Alistair used to be friends, so it’s not exactly shocking for her to approach him. What is shocking is what she’s asking him to do. Fiona wants Alistair to write the story of her life, just as she tells it. Alistair is too intrigued to say no, so Fiona begins to relate her story. But Fiona’s story is strange. She talks about going to another world called Aquavania, where she can create a new world without limits. But children are disappearing from Aquavania and Fiona thinks the Riverman is to blame. To Alistair, Fiona’s story seems fictional. There’s no way that Aquavania could exist, but Fiona’s fear of the Riverman seems genuine. Alistair wanders if maybe Fiona is calling for help but hides the truth behind this story to make it more manageable. For that reason, Alistair knows he needs to listen to her story until the end and find a way to save Fiona from whatever, whoever, is tormenting her.