Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Magic, School, Royalty, Friendship, Romance

Document Type

Book Review


Arram is a gifted student at a school for mages-in-training. He is plucked from the beginner classes and put on an accelerated course so that he can learn to control his overwhelming power and challenge his mind. His first months at school are lonely ones, but in his new, higher-level classes, he meets Ozorne and Varice who take him under their wing. At first, their friendship is straightforward. But as the complex adult world looms closer, fun is difficult to come by. Their studies become more intensive and they quickly become wrapped up in corruption and politics. Each friend has their own special abilities, but tensions rise when some talents are more respected than others. Arram once saw school as a refuge from all the turbulence of the outside world, but he soon learns that the life of a mage is anything but simple.