Article Title

Reality Boy


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Anger, Abuse, Romance, High School, Family

Document Type

Book Review


Misbehaving is just a part of being a kid. But in Gerald’s case, it’s hard to escape his troubled early childhood years. Gerald and his family were on a reality TV show called Network Nanny, where the nanny tried to correct Gerald’s bad behavior on television. Even if he wants to leave the past behind, it seems like the rest of the world wants him to keep living it forever. Gerald is a teenager now, but what the viewers of the show didn’t see is that Gerald and his entire family live in constant fear of Gerald’s older sister, and she didn’t improve after the show. But Gerald is ready to live a life beyond anger and resentment. There’s a beautiful girl at work that he’s interested in, and even though his anger management coach has cautioned him against dating, he doesn't know if he can resist her. And the more Gerald gets to know her, the more he learns that everyone carries baggage from the past, even if it wasn’t featured on TV.