Article Title

Queen of the Sea


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Medieval, History, Princess, Action

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Book Review


After living in a convent on a deserted island for all twelve years of her life, Margaret begins to uncover the secret of who she is. When her best friend William leaves, she learns the island is a prison for noble women who betray the crown. But Margaret came here as a baby. How could a baby betray the crown? The convent receives news that Queen Eleanor has been declared an illegitimate child of the late king. Her half-sister Catherine has claimed the throne. With this news comes a new prisoner, the ex-queen Eleanor herself and several unwelcome guests to guard her. Margaret becomes Eleanor’s companion and begins to side with her, in hopes she could one day help William. Through Eleanor, Margaret learns her true identity. She not only wants William’s happiness, but Eleanor’s as well. Despite the danger and possible dishonesty involved in conspiracy (may God forgive her), Margaret decides to do what is best for all of her friends and get Eleanor off the island.