Becky Jamieson


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Spies, England, Best Friends

Document Type

Book Review


Jonathan and Shelley are given a mission to deal with a threat to national security once again, this time in the United Kingdom. They are tasked to find a rogue child operative named Nina who has in her possession a chemical virus that can make people more confused and less smart. They work with three British spies named Randolph, Darwin, and Hattie to stop Nina. However, Jonathan and Shelley realize that not everything they have been told about Nina is adding up. They learn that she has been trying to destroy the chemical before Randolph, Darwin, and Hattie can get their hands on it. They want to use it on people before they commit crimes. In the end, Jonathan and Shelley help Nina destroy the chemical, and the other three young agents are fired as spies.