Becca Wilhite


Excellent, Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, High School, Romance

Document Type

Book Review


Edie, having been bullied to the edge of her ability to carry on, is prepared to jump from a bridge when she's discovered by the mysterious and devastatingly handsome Kian who offers her a deal. With his help, she can be transformed physically and pay back the awful high-powered clique at her prestigious Boston high school. But there is a catch, after she cashes in her three favors, she’ll owe Kian’s bosses three favors. Deciding her life is worth at least that much, Edie signs on for a revenge plot that throws her first into the tier-one popular clique at school and then into horrifying, deadly danger. With Kian at her side, they press against the secretive controllers of the organization, only to find their strength matched and sometimes outmatched by forces of otherworldly strength.