Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Primary, Fairy Tale, Borther'S Grimm, Dwarfs, Huntsman, Step-Mother, Jealousy, Murder

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Book Review


Long ago, a queen wished for a lovely little girl with black hair, white skin, and rosy cheeks. Her wish is granted, but she does not live to raise her child. The king’s second wife became very jealous of the blossoming young woman’s beauty. Snow White's stepmother possesses an overly honest magic mirror, and she asks it regularly who the most beautiful woman in the kingdom is. One day her stepdaughter surpasses her in beauty, and the proud queen plots her demise. After a couple unsuccessful attempts to kill Snow White, the queen disguises herself as a hag and brings her a poisoned red apple. The dwarfs Snow White has been living with have no cure for the poison, but a passing prince does. He gives her a kiss of true love, which revives her, and he carries her off to the castle. Snow White's evil stepmother dies a gruesome death at their wedding.