Amanda Morgna


Outstanding, Intermediate, Horror, Haunting, Ghosts

Document Type

Book Review


Poppy, Marcus, and Azumi are all haunted. Poppy sees a girl in mirrors. Marcus constantly hears music. Azumi has vivid sleepwalking nightmares. They, along with two young actors, Dash and Dylan, all receive invitations to the Larkspur Mansion. However, all their invitations are different. Poppy thinks she's going to live with a long-lost great aunt. Marcus thinks he's going to a music school. Azumi thinks she's going to a boarding school. Dash and Dylan think they've been cast in a horror film. When they arrive and meet each other, they quickly realize the mansion is nothing like they thought. They appear to be completely alone, until mysterious masked children start appearing. Terrified, they decide it's time to leave. Unfortunately, the doors are all locked. They try to break windows, but to no avail. They are trapped. Soon, they are also hunted. In this first book of the Shadow House series, the children have to learn to trust each other as they uncover the mysteries of Larkspur Mansion.