Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Spooky, Paranormal, Spirits, Family, Vanderbilts, Mansion, Forest, Magic

Document Type

Book Review


Serafina considers herself the protector of the Biltmore, the Vanderbilt's home hidden in the forests of North Carolina. There she and her best friend Braeden, the Vanderbilt's nephew, have defeated the Black Cloak that had kidnapped generations of men, women, and children. But now, as they try to distinguish friend from foe to uncover the dark force controlling the animals of Biltmore, they face a different enemy. Facing a twisted staff and shape-changing owl sorcerers requires of all of their courage and strength, and they unite to defeat them. Then, just when Biltmore seems secure, Serafina sees a form in the forest and it is clear that things may not be as safe as they would seem.