Article Title

See No Color


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Young Adult, African American, Black, Baseball, Adoption, Coming-of-Age

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Book Review


Alex Kirtridge has always been a baseball player, and that's always been enough. As she matures, however, life starts to change. Her body is no longer made for baseball, so the boys on her former pro-player dad's team are passing her up. Alex is also becoming more uncomfortable with her race. As a biracial girl adopted into a white family, she’s always looked too black to be white and acted too white to be black. Whenever someone calls Alex black, her parents say that she's mixed - as if being whiter makes her better. But Alex's skin color can't be changed, and she starts looking into her birth family. When she starts dating Reggie, the first black person to ever show interest in her, her uncertainty increases. Is she black or white? Is she a baseball player or not? Are the people who raised her who she should call family? In the end, the only person who can answer these questions is Alex.