Jessica Mellor


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Ryan Higa, Writing, Bullying, Funny, Growing-Up

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Book Review


Ryan Higa is finally writing a book with the friendly ghostwriter, Sarah Tomlinson. In thirteen different lessons, Ryan teaches about pacing, foreshadowing, dialogue, the importance of details, and character development, among many other things. With a brief lesson at the beginning of each chapter, Ryan then delves into his own story growing up. Ryan grew up in Hawaii as a carefree child—that is, at least until his mother put him in a private school away from all his friends. Ryan then had to deal with bullying and the dark thoughts that surrounded him. As Ryan changed his perspective and took control of his life, we follow him though his high school years and the troubles that he got into. The story ends by showing how Ryan developed his hobbies and became the YouTube celebrity that he currently is.