Article Title

How It Went Down


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Young Adult, Race, Death, Gangs, Family, Truth

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Book Review


Tariq Johnson is shot down in his own neighborhood after picking up groceries. But even though his death had multiple witnesses, they each seem to have interpreted the situation differently. While some see it as a senseless killing, others think Tariq had it coming to him. While some saw a gun in his hand, other just saw a Snickers bar. As news of the incident spreads through the neighborhood and then through the country, it seems that nobody is left untouched by the newest story of white-on-black violence. In the weeks after his death, it doesn't seem to matter who knew him well and who didn’t. Everyone is wondering whether Tariq was at fault. Everyone is wondering how much of this killing has to do with race. But, most of all, everyone is wondering how something like this could happen again and what they can do to change it.