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P.S. I Miss You


Aubrey Parry


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Friendship, Love, Family, Sexual Orientation, Growth

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Book Review


What do you do when your big sister – your role model – gets pregnant before she’s married and gets kicked out of the house? This is just what happens to Evie in P.S. I Miss You. Evie’s confused and angry that her sister Cella got pregnant and left to stay with their aunt in the middle of nowhere. She writes Cella all about what’s happening at home, saying she hopes to make Cella want to come back and that everything would be okay if she did. Soon, Evie’s letters become a way of exploring her own world as she grapples with doubts and fears. In the end, these letters also become a way for Evie to get through grief. Even though Cella never responds, writing the letters helps Evie become more confident, think for herself, and decide what she wants to believe.