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Mr. Biddles


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Inventor, Cat, Lobster, Maine

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Book Review


Mr. Biddles is a content cat. He enjoys inventing in the peace and quiet of his home, until one day someone unexpected shows up. Hobson, the lobster from Maine who appears on Mr. Biddles doorstep, almost immediately becomes useful with his multi-tool lobster claws. He becomes the assistant, roommate, and friend Mr. Biddles didn’t know he was missing. But soon Mr. Biddles notices something is wrong with his new friend. When Hobson confesses that he misses his family back in Maine, Mr. Biddles gets to work. After many failed attempts he invents the “Super Lobster Sightseeing Sidecar!” The two road trip to Maine and visit Hobson’s family. Mr. Biddles leaves and goes home the next day, missing his friend. He is sad and lonely until one day Hobson comes back to stay for good!