Article Title

Mostly the Honest Truth


Gabrielle Borg


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Dysfunctional Family, Friends, New Places, Truth, Childhood, Love, Home

Document Type

Book Review


Jane Pengilly has a family: Jane and Pop. Two matching socks that always stick together as a pair, and never need anyone else. But sometimes they have to spend time apart. Sometimes Pop gets sick. As Pop heads off to another round of rehab, Officer Dashell takes Jane to Three Boulders, a small community that can only be reached by hiking in. Jane doesn't want to belong and keeps counting down the days until Pop gets out of rehab and she can go home. But people keep asking questions—Officer D, the folks of Three Boulders, the social worker. Even Pop has questions. He can't seem to remember that night that Jane hurt her wrist, and Jane doesn't want to tell them the honest truth. Eventually Jane gets to know the people, and grows to like Three Boulders. But there are too many questions that go unanswered. Finally, Jane works up the courage and tells the honest truth. In the end, Jane gets to stay in Three Boulders with Pop’s long-lost grandpa, Officer D, and Pop.